pro reef 250g Aqua Fix


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pro reef 250g Aqua Fix


  • Reusable
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy to use
  • No sticky hands when using our product
  • Bond quickly in room temperature or cool water.
  • Applicable for Fresh Or Marine use.
  • Non Toxic -Safe for all corals and fishes
  • Can be Use out or Inside water

The Pro Reef Aqua Fix is a Reusable Glue which is perfect for us on fixing Coral onto rocks, joining of rocks or even glue use on fresh water plant . It is non toxic, simple and easy to use.

No sticky hands and no adhesive residue after working with our new Aqua Fix!


Prepare and pour warm water (<42°C) into the amount to be used and mix with hand until the composition becomes transparent.

Aqua Fix is made from a unique composition that allows you to easily knead portions of the mix by hand and mold it into the desired shape. Any leftover residues can also be reused once the harden glue mixed is re introduce back with warm water.

Aqua Fix  cures rapidly under water and easily blends into the reef.