Karine Marine farm Live Phytoplankton ( Tetraselmis SP.)


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Karine Marine farm Live Phytoplankton ( Tetraselmis SP.)

  • Live Food that can be store in fridge 6 month
  • Every batch is freshly harvested before shipping out
  • Naturally helps reduce ammonia, nitrite and nitrate level in a reef tank
  • Suitable for feeding of baby fish fries, copepods, rotifers ect..
  • Suitable for creating your own culture of LIVE phyto.

Tetraselmis suecica

Green Phytoplankton

10-15 Microns


There is probably no single type of microalgae that is ideal as feed for a varied community of captive animals (such as a reef tank)Tetraselmis suecica is a small marine microalgae. Tetraselmis possesses 4 flagella, making it a motile species and less likely to settle-out in culture than non-motile species. This particular strain (CCMP905) was isolated near La Spezia, Italy. This species contains high levels of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and is thought to have at least some antifungal and antibacterial activity. Our Tetraselmis is cultured and maintained in clean, single-species cultures grown from starter stock maintained in a cleanroom and grown using aseptic techniques, ensuring that you are getting the best phytoplankton available!

As an aquarium food, Tetraselmis is prized for it high lipid content. It is especially high in levels of the vital fatty acids EPA and DHA. It is also rich in certain amino acids (e.g. alanine) that promote high growth rates as well as serving as a kind of marine animal appetite stimulant. It is a good source of vitamin C and vitamin E. Better still, it has enough stores of carbohydrates (over 48 calories per 10 ml biomass) to meet the metabolic energy needs of the animals that feed on it. Carbs can amount to around 27% of its dry weight. The starches it produces are quite similar to those synthesized by land plants. Tetraselmis even has loads of color-enhancing xanthophyll carotenoids (e.g. neoxanthin, antheraxanthin, violaxanthin, and lutein), which may benefit the feeding animal by scavenging dangerous oxidizing molecules.

With a well-balanced nutritional profile and a high content of growth-spurring amino acids and energy-fueling carbohydrates, its use can greatly improve the health of filter-feeding invertebrates (such as corals, feather duster worms, clams, etc.). It can similarly improve the nutritive quality of live foods such as brine shrimp and copepods. Its larger cell size makes it ideal for phytoplanktivores that prefer slightly bulkier particles. On the whole, there is hardly a reef tank out there that wouldn’t benefit greatly from having Tetraselmis included in the phyto-feeding regimen.


 Live Tetraselmis is often used in aquaculture due to its ease of culture and the high density of cultures. It can be used as “greenwater” and as a feed for rotifers and bivalves. Tetraselmis is a nutritious species of phytoplankton with a high lipid content (15-23% by dry weight!).


Feeding and Culture:


Shake before using. For reef aquariums, feeding at least every other day is recommended. Feed approximately 10 ml per 25 gallons daily for an average stock reef tank . Our Live Tetraselmis can be used as a starter for culturing and grows well at room temperature with bright light and strong aeration.



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