FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I place an order online?
A. After you create a shopping account and login using your email address and password, fill your shopping cart and check out entirely, in which an order number will be issued and a confirmation email will be sent.


Q. Do you offer Wholesale Accounts?
A. Yes we do, please email or talk to us with details of your company registered in Malaysia and we can discuss about it.


Q. Do you ship your corals oversea?
A. Exporting corals required special arrangement, cities permit and import/ export regulation to be met. Some coral exports require CITES paperwork and extra expenses which make the process too expensive and time-consuming for small shipments, for export inquiry, please discuss with us if you are a Coral Importer.


Q. What types of payment do you accept on your website?
A. Currently for all local Malaysia bank, you can pay via credit card secure payment via Stripe.


Q. Can I place an order by phone or chat online?
A. Yes, We do accept orders over the phone or chat via Wechat, Facebook messenger , or WhatsApp. Feel free to chat with us via the chat app to discuss about your order and payment option.


Q. Can i pick up the orders locally to save on shipping?
A. Yes. Local pickup can be arranged but in Johor Bahru near Bukit Indah area only. However, pre-arrangement have to be make to prepare your corals for collection.


Q. I have placed an order and would like to add to it, change it, or cancel. How do I do that?
A. You must contact us by chat, email or phone, and let us know what is to be changed. Providing consent, we will charge the card on file or send a PayPal payment request for the balance if necessary. Advance notice is required for any cancels, additions or changes.


Q. I can’t remember my password. What do I do?
A. Click the password reminder link entitled ‘forgot password’ in the ‘Sign In’ section of the home page on the right side. An email will be sent to you with the reminder. However, if you are still facing issues, please feel free to email us for help.


Q. Shipping status, What does it mean?
A.  Processing- Order received and preparing your shipment. , Completed- shipped, see tracking in an account and expect a tracking email separately.


Q. How do I know what day my package will be delivered?
A. We ship packages in the order received, and there is twice weekly shipment every week. ( Tues and Thurs ), the cut off time for an order for that particular day is 12pm noon, any order after the cut off date will be shipped out during the “Next” shipping day.


Q.When is your shipping day?
A. We ship every Monday and Wednesday. Special arrangement can try to be arranged subject to our schedule and to ensure the safe arrival of your corals. Please talk to us to discuss about it.


Q. I have placed an order, how long do i expect the corals to be shipped?
A. Upon receiving your order, depending on the day we receive, we will prepare and send your corals out on the next “Shipping day” which is every Monday and Wednesday .


Q. Can you send via Bus ?
A. Yes we do, and currently this is the fastest and safest way to send the corals to you. please talk to us after your order to arrange for this shipment method. Buyer can collect the items from the pre-arranged bus terminal. Bus timing , driver contact number and estimated arrival time will be provided after send out, however, do note that we will not be responsible for any delay in bus delivery or no show for collection upon arrival. 


Q. How can I be sure my package has been shipped?
A. You will receive a tracking email the evening that the order is shipped. You can also track the order from within the link in your account.


Q. Which Courier company are you working with ?
A. We use BBB express for our coral shipment, however, due to logistic we might use another suitable courier to ensure your coral arrived safely and Fast.


Q. Can we request to use other courier company to send the corals ?
A. Yes we can try to arrange, however, if we use another courier company apart from the one we use, we cannot provide DOA guarantee.


Q. Can you be able to Send to East Malaysia /Brunei
A. Currently we don’t provide such option that is able to guarantee safe arrival of corals to these places.


Q. Can i be able to visit your farm to view the corals?
A. Currently, we dont provide open house for the farm , however, if there is such possibility in future, we will update it here.


Q. How do i file a D.O.A ( Death upon arrival ) claim?
A. If due to unforeseen circumstances, that the water in the packaging that you received is milky. Please contact us immediately within 2 hours of delivery! ( Wechat, Facebook messenger , or WhatsApp ) Do not throw away any corals or the packaging, as we need you to provide photos of the corals in the original packaging bag.  We will need to access the validity of the claim, and If the claim is valid, we will issue a store credit for your next purchase which will be valid for 6 months.  There is no refund on shipping charges under any circumstances. If the above is not follow, we reserve the rights to reject any claim.


Q. The Coral i bought from you die after few days in my tank, can i make a claim?
A. Once the corals is received and settled down into the tank, we will deem that the corals is received well in order and good condition. There are many various factor that might affect the condition of the corals after settling down in customer’s tank including water condition, lighting and fish attacking the corals ect.. Thus, we will not be responsible once the coral settled into the tank. 


Q.Are your coral pest-free ?
A. Although we do ensure that all corals are pest-free, it is advisable for everyone to perform a coral dip or even Quarantine all newly purchased corals to ensure all corals are ok before introducing them into your system.


Q.What is Store credit and how can I use them?
A. In the event of a calm, we may issue store credit which is equivalent to the cash for the purchase of any corals in our website for your next order.


Q. Will i be receiving the corals exactly as per the photo on your website? 
A. Unless otherwise stated in the “Exotic’s pick” under WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get) , photos posted on our website shown is solely indented to showcase the details and species of the corals, and as all corals are aqua-cultured any will vary in different growth forms, and slight colour variation due to lighting, we will Guarantee that what you bought is the species that is stated, but we are unable to provide exact detail of the sizes of each pcs of corals that you are buying on our store.


Q. Your coral photo look impressive, what did you take the photo with?

A. We use Olympus TG5 underwater camera for all our photoshoot. 


Q. What is the types of lighting and color temperature that your corals is photographed with ?
A. Most of our photos are taken under LED lighting with 14k to 16k setting which best represented the original colour of the corals.


Q. What is WYSIWYG ?
A. WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get, which simply means you will be expecting the same pcs of the corals as shown on the photo itself. Unless otherwise stated, all photos presented on the website is for identification purposes and does not represent the actual pcs of the corals that you will be receiving. As corals grow form in all type of shapes and sizes it is not possible to send a photo of each and every pcs of coral frags we have in stock.



Q. I have some question that I ant to speak to someone , who can i talk to?
A. We would love to hear from you, you may talk to us via messaging app either Wechat, Facebook messenger , or WhatsApp. We will try our best to reply you promptly. Alternatively, you may also send us an email under the CONTACT US page.

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