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DRAGON SOUL Torch Coral euphyllia have is a highly sought after collection for hobbyist who wanted something extraordinary in their reef tank.  A purple base body with purplish Gold steam tentacles with green tips make it a unique specimen for collector . The Gold Torch coral is a great beginner coral and collectors alike and will sway back and forth to the currents in the aquarium. Torch Corals are a favorite of many because of the sense of motion they bring to a reef tank.

Care level

  • temperature: 25-27 °C
  • food: zooplankton, light (Zooxanthellae)
    Care Level: ModerateLighting: ModeratePlacement: Bottom – MiddleTemperament: Semi-aggressiveWaterflow: Medium

Expect1 head per frag size .

** Photos is for reference of the species only, actual pcs will vary during shipment and color condition .

Water Chemistry: It is important that proper calcium (420-440 ppm), alkalinity (8-9.5 dkh – run it 7-8 if you are carbon dosing) , and magnesium levels (1260-1350 ppm) are maintained. Raising magnesium levels gradually up to 1400-1600 ppm can help to combat algae outbreaks, just keep CA and Alk in line as you raise the Mg.

Nitrates should be below 10 ppm and phosphates should be below .10 ppm. We recommend doing a water change when Nitrate levels rise to 10 ppm. It is important to replace your phosphate media when phosphates rise to .10 ppm. Media Reactors make the most efficient use of your phosphate media by fluidizing it.